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New BE5 and BE8: a combination of performances

New BE5 and BE8: a combination of performances

Creativity, quality ingredients and high performing mixers can make the difference when it comes to achieve perfect results in the kitchen. Today Electrolux introduces the new 5 and 8 liter-BE stand mixers, the latest development of a wide range of planetary mixers (from 5 to 80 litres) and the outcome of a long tradition of professional expertise and product know-how.

The planetary movement, the variable speed rotation (from 67 rpm to 740 rpm) and the shape and size of the stainless steel bowl and tools (hook, paddle, whisk), ensure every part of the bowl is covered for uniform working of all ingredients, resulting in superior performance in kneading, blending and whipping.

Furthermore, the new planetary mixers are ease-of-use and compact and offers 100% dishwasher safe components (tools, double-handle bowl and splash guard). The exclusive design of the new transparent splash guard offers:

  • a simple movement activates both the raising and lowering of the bowl
  • the shape allows to easily add ingredients during operation
  • the new “clip” system without screws ensures easy removal and cleaning
  • the innovative Eastman TritanTM copolyester*, bisphenol-A free (BPA) transparent screen that guarantees high impact resistance, remains clear and durable even after hundreds of dishwashing cycles.


* Eastman and Tritan are trademarks of the Eastman Chemical Company.